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A flashback of an automotive century

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The Musée Automobile de Camargue of Montcalm in the Gard (30) wishes you a pleasant visit on its website.

Between the medieval city of Aigues-Mortes and the Camargue heart of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer is the Musée Automobile de Camargue.

From the mythical NEF-Croix-de-la-Ville from 1902 to the Dehalaye 134-N of 1938 that took part in the filming of the SummerMurderer, the Automobile Museum of Camargue opens the doors to you on a guided tour of a private collection of prestigious automobiles unique in Occitanie founded for more than 30 years.

Are you planning your wedding, event, party? The Musée Automobile de Camargue offers a wide choice of old vehicles with driver.

Private collection of prestigious automobiles in Camargue

Speedsters of exception

A flashback of a century of cars presented on a guided tour, a place of sharing and meetings where enthusiasts of the old car can exchange during the visit... Install yourself in our vehicles with your camera for a small souvenir! An old-school moment of discovery for young and old.

Price of the visit: 10€ per visitor, free for children under 8 years | club/group rates on request before your visit.

Guarded and free parking. Accessible VL, Buses, Bicycles, Motorcycles. Place of visit accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Payment: Holiday Voucher, Cash, Cheque. We don't have a bank card terminal.

NEF De-Dion-Bouton Lacroix de Laville


Lacroix De Laville, was manufactured from 1902 to 1906, measuring 1.4 meters wide, it is cooled by radiator with serpentine fins.

Joseph Lacroix in 1899 created the Société des Automobiles "La Nef", joined in 1902 by a financier, Colonel de Laville, who gave birth to the "Lacroix de Laville" brand located at Place Pletan in Agen.

The existing workshop at Rue Palissy was transferred to Rue Rayssac where a dozen companions worked.

200 "La Nef" cars were built there between 1902 and 1909, and a few more series until 1914, reputed to reach 70 to 75 km / h, the Bozier gearbox was offered from 1904, the first models on the other hand. did not have a gearbox.

  • Preserved at the Musée Automobile de Camargue in its original condition, come and take a seat and take your best pictures

Panhard Dyna 120 Louis XV


The Panhard Dyna X was produced between 1947 and 1954 in Paris, of the Popular class, this sedan designed by the engineer Jean-Albert Grégoire uses the technical principles of the Amilcar Compound, equipped with a 610 cm3 engine, the Dyna X is presented at the Paris Salon in 1946, about the bodywork complicated by many arrondos, we will speak of Louis XV style, production began in 1947 with the Dyna X type 100 (like 100km / h) whose bodies are subcontracted to the Facel-Métallon Company, which will be the future manufacturer of Facel Véga automobiles.

  • Technical complements :

Unloaded weight : 475 to 615 kg
Motor : Flat twin X86 type 120 745cm3 (4CV)

Citroën Type C 5HP (Le trèfle) Torpedo 3 Places


The Citroën Type C 5HP is the second automobile model designed by André Citroën between 1922 and 1926.
It arrived after the 10HP-Type A of June 1919. One of the first colors of the manufacturer, like the one exhibited in our Museum, is pale yellow .
which earned it the first nickname of "Petite Citron", also nicknamed "Cul de Poule" because of its rear peak, then "Clover" because of its Torpedo version with three seats arranged in clover.
André Citroën's objective is to promote this car to a female audience, all the advertising documents indeed represent the car driven by a young woman.
After a start in 1922, its success is such that from 1924, it represents almost half of sales. 8,500 French Francs, or about 60% of that of the 10 HPB2 (13,900 French Francs).

  • Cylinder capacity : 856 cm3
  • Maximum power : 12ch
  • Maximum speed : 50 km/h

Rental of vintage vehicles for weddings & events with driver

Since 1985, the Musée Automobile de Camargue is open for rent the exceptional Rolls-Royce 25.30 of 1936, the Delahaye 134-N of 1938 having participated in the shooting of the film l'Été-Meurtier finishing with the Citroën C4 Torpedo of 1925 for a remarkable arrival at the church and city hall.

The rentals are offered in the departments of Gard (30), Hérault (34), Vaucluse (84), Bouches-du-Rhône(13) with costumed driver of the chosen vehicle, an unforgettable moment in memories photos during your day of honour.

Cabriolet Delahaye 134 N 1936

Vehicle manufactured in Paris, having participated in the shooting of the film L'Été-Meurtier in 1983 with Alain Souchon and Isabelle Adjani.

3 places for a remarkable arrival aboard our 1938 Delahayé, treat yourself to French charm for your wedding and ceremony

Rolls-Royce 25.30 "Coupé Chauffeur"

Vehicle manufactured in London in 1936, having belonged to the Monarchy of England.

3 seats, a private cabin for a moment of luxury calm and relaxation at the Rolls-Royce prestige

Citroen C4 "Torpedo Luxe"

Vehicle manufactured in Paris from 1925 to 1927 at the Quai de Javel.

3 seats, Our Citroën Torpedo Luxe with a leather interior will combine daring and elegance

A men and his collection


An automobile owner for more than 40 years, Robert has been able to satisfy his customers from an early age thanks to his daring and the preservation of his father’s heritage. Share during your visit his good mood and the secrets of a prestigious collection of automobiles.

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